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Penetrating Maxillary Sinus Injury With Loss Of Vision Caused By An Impacted Dane Gun Burner: A Case Report

O. J Omotoye
O.S Obimakinde
O. Saduayi
J.M Afolayan


Good visual outcome following ocular emergencies will depend on prompt presentation, recognition and assessment as well as initial management. Penetrating injury of the orbit involving paranasal sinuses with retained foreign body in the orbito-maxillary region are uncommon.Thirty to fifty percent of all ocular traumas are due to orbital trauma. Ocular trauma is one of the leading causes of monocular blindness and can even lead to the death of the patient. Removal of retained intraocular/orbital foreign bodies (IOFB) requires team approach. We report an unusual case of transorbital penetration of a Dane gun burner thatgot impacted in the maxillary sinus in a 40year old hunter who presentedfour days after the accident. This was radiologically located and surgically removed by combined approach of oculoplastic and maxillo-facial surgeons under general anaesthesia. Successful removal was achieved but blindness could not be prevented due to the degree of damage. The need to establish fast and efficient referral services from primary eye centre to prevent avoidable blindness is key.

Key Words: Blindness,dane gun burner, orbito-maxillary sinus, eye injury

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eISSN: 1117-4153