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Attributed Causes of Diabetes among Literate Adults in Lagos State, Nigeria: Implications to Health Workers

AA Odebode


This study investigated the attributed causes of diabetes among literate adults in Lagos State, Nigeria and examined the influence of certain variables such as:  gender, religious affiliation and age on the respondents’ views.

 Descriptive survey design was adopted for the study. A researcher-developed instrument entitled “Attributed Causes of Diabetes  Questionnaire (ACDQ)” was used to collect data from 600 respondents in Lagos State, who were selected using purposive and simple random sampling techniques. The three formulated null hypotheses were tested and analyzed using t-test and Analysis of Variance at 0.05 alpha level.

The finding of this study revealed poor economic status, high intake of sugary diet, lack of medical check-up, lack of functional insulin in the body, lack of physical exercise, illiteracy as the attributed causes of diabetes among literate adults in Lagos State. Results also showed that there were no gender, educational level and age significant differences in the attributed causes of diabetes among the respondents. By implication, health workers should gather up to date information to debunk wrong attribution of causes of diabetes and to further educate the entire populace on the causes of diabetes.


Keywords: Attribution, Causes, Diabetes, Literate Adults, Health Workers.

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