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Rectal Signet-ring Cell Carcinoma associated with Schistosomiasis in A Nigerian Teenager: A Case Report and Literature Review

KA Adeniji, OOK Ibrahim


Rectal adenocarcinoma is rare in children and young adult worldwide. Apart from genetic predisposition, other factors including chronic schistosomal infection have been implicated in its aetiopathogenesis. Furthermore, many of the recorded cases of rectal carcinoma occurring along with schistosomiasis
usually occur not commonly in teenagers but in older patients.We present an 18-year-old Nigerian male who came to the hospital on account of bloody diarrhoea and was later discovered to have signet-ring carcinoma of
the rectum in association with schistosomiasis. Available literatures on role of schistosomiasis in aetiopathogenesis of colorectal adenocarcinoma are
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