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Utilization of electronic information resources by academic staff at Makerere University

D Agaba
IMN Kigogo-Bukenya
JB Nyumba


The study investigated the utilization of Electronic Information resources by the academic staff of Makerere University in Uganda. It examined the academic staff awareness of the resources available, the types of resources provided by the Makerere University Library, the factors affecting resource utilization. The study was both qualitative and quantitative employing both questionnaire, interview and content analysis methods. Findings reveal that the University Library provides electronic information resources and that most academic staff are aware of their availability, but do not utilize them. Furthermore a number of factors affect electronic information resources' utilization. Concludes that despite a number of problems that inhibit utilization of e-resources, a limited number of academic staff actually use electronic information resources. Recommends enhancement of Information and Communication Technology Network or Bandwidth, provision of adequate Information and Communication Technologies, decentralization of service provision and increased marketing strategies.

University of Dar es Salaam Library Journal Vol.6(1) 2004: 18-28