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Agmag Igbo dka Ngwar n’kwalite Ezi Nchekwa na Nkwsiike haobodo

NM Nnyigide


Ka Najira nwerechara onwe ya n’af 1960, olileanya tt mamala ya b na ihe ga-adz mma. Mana ka oge na-aga, a chptara na ihe na-akawanye nj. Usoro chch d iche iche daptara. Nd am na nd nkt achala mana nd gara n’ihu na-akawanye nj. O bu ihe doro anya na chch ha b nke nchgbu na fnfju akpa. N’agbanyegh na Chineke ji aknaba na ngozi d iche wee ch Najira mma, ag ka na-af m ya n; iheegwu na oke j na-eme oge niile; tt nne na nna anagh akwnwuziri m ha gw akwkw; nd ntoroba gara mahadum enweghkwa r. Aj nd d etu a na-ebute gbaaghara n’obodo ma na-etinyekwa tt m Najira na mp d iche iche dka izu ohi, tr mmad, igbufu mmad, kwafu bara mmad dka mmiri, dgz. b ihe nd a kpalitere mm omenchcha chpta z d iche iche agmag Igbo, kachas ab ederede Igbo ga-esi nye aka n’ibelata aj nd a ma weta udo na ezi nchekwa ma kwalitekwa nkwusiike nke ohaobodo. N’ime nke a, a tlere ab ederede Igbo d iche iche iji chpta echiche nd odeeab Igbo gbasara nd chch obodo Najira nakwa aro na z d iche iche ha tptara a ga-esi wee belata aj nd a, ka e wee nwee ike kwalite ezi nchekwa na ganiihu obodo Najira.

After the Nigerian independence in 1960, the expectation of many of her citizens was that things would be better. But as time went on, it was observed that things were becoming worse. Different systems of government emerged. The military and civilians ruled but situation went forth to be bad. It was obvious that their governance was bad and characterized with selfish interest. Notwithstanding that God blessed Nigeria with many resources; her citizens are still suffering from hunger; terrible things always happen; many parents could no longer afford their childrens’ school fees; youths that graduated from the university are unemployed. This kind of unhealthy situation brings about social instability and encourages some Nigerian to engage in different crimes like robbery, kidnapping, extra judicial killings, and murder of different kinds, etc. it is against this background that the researcher hopes to examine different ways the Igbo literature, especially the Igbo written poetry could help to control this ugly situation and bring about good security and also promote social stability. The study analyzed some written Igbo poems in order to observe the position of some Igbo poets concerning the situation of governance in Nigeria and their contributions on how to improve it, so as to promote good security and progress in Nigeria.

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