Internet traffic and packet round trip delay self-similarity

  • T Abdulkadir
  • M Abdo
  • G Devarajan
Keywords: Self Similarity, LRD, Internet Traffic, Internet Packet Round Trip Delay.


Statistical analysis was carried out on the Internet traffic data grabbed at Internet Service Provider gateway. The analysis reveals the "bursty" nature, which was explained through SelfSimilarity and Long Range Dependence(LRD). In this work, it has been shown that the Internet traffic and Packet Round Trip Delay visuaiized as a time series are statistically selfsimilar. The autocorrelation function decays reveals the data under investigation exhibits Long Memory or Long Range Dependence. The degree of self similarity of Packet Round Trip Delay as measured by Hurst Parameter is presented and was found that it is directly related to network traffic load.

Key words: Self Similarity, LRD, Internet Traffic, Internet Packet Round Trip Delay.


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print ISSN: 0514-6216