Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research

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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Skills for Bachelor of Education Degree Students at the University of Zimbabwe: Implications for University Policy on a Computer Course for Undergraduate Student Teachers.

Ma Zengeya


The development of appropriate computer literacy skills within all school
teachers for non-computing subjects has recently become a strong international challenge. This is in view of the increasing use of computers in enhancing learning in all educational institutions, including colleges and universities. Employing a survey methodology, this study sought to provide answers to questions that included: what computer skills do undergraduate student teachers bring with them to the University of Zimbabwe; what computer equipment was available at the teachers’ schools and homes; and what factors influenced the teachers’ computer skills development? The findings indicated that the students teachers were generally from rural areas and had no, or very little, experience with computers, with most of them using a computer for the first time. The study recommends strengthening the course through strategies such as increasing the computer equipment available for training and offering a separate certificate for the course as an incentive.
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