Published: 2013-11-26

Cloning and expression analysis of a partial LEAFY homologue from pineapple (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.)

L Lingling, S Guangming, X Jianghui, Z Jianxia, L Shenghui, L Yuge, W Changbin, Z Songjun, D Jun


Effect of plant density on the characteristics of photosynthetic apparatus of garlic (Allium sativum var. vulgare L.)

D Moravčević, V Bjelić, D Savić, JG Varga, D Beatović, S Jelačić, V Zarić


Growth responses of tropical onion cultivars to photoperiod and temperature based on growing degree days

SZ Tesfay, I Bertling, AO Odindo, PL Greenfield, TS Workneh


Effects of seed pretreatment and seed source on germination of five Acacia spp.

IM Aref, HAE Atta, TA Shahrani, AI Mohamed


Effect of gibberellic acid on the quality of chrysanthemum (Dendranthema grandiflora L.) cv. Faroe

MRdS Vieira, GPP Lima, AV de Souza, PN Costa, CMG Santos, LdS Alves, NG de Oliveira


Detection of mycobacterial antibodies in serum samples by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay

SS Nath, K Nathiya, R Dhanabalan, J Angayarkanni, M Palaniswamy


Physicochemical properties of masa and corn tortilla made by ohmic heating

M Gaytán-Martínez, JDC Figueroa, E Morales-Sánchez, PA Vázquez-Landaverde, HE Martínez-Flores