Published: 2014-02-07

Genetic diversity and bottleneck analysis of Yunnan mithun (Bos frontalis) using microsatellite loci

KX Qu, SN Nguyen, ZX He, BZ Huang, XP Yuan, YP Zhang, LS Zan


Spatial variability of arsenic in relation with some soil forming factors

K Nabiollahy, A Heidari, N Tomanian, G Savaghebi, K Mohammadi


Effect of source and seed size on yield component of corn S.C704 in Khuzestan

MR EnayatGholizadeh, AM Bakhshandeh, M Dehghan Shoar, MH Ghaineh, KH Alami Saeid, M Sharafizadeh


Performance of polymer compositions as carrier to cowpea rhizobial inoculant formulations: Survival of rhizobia in pre-inoculated seeds and field efficiency

PI Fernandes JR, EB da Silva JR, S da Silva JR, CER da Silva, PJ de Oliveira, NG Rumjanek, LMV Martins, GR Xavier


Microscopic morphology of nitrogen fixing paranodules on wheat roots

A Biabani, LC Boggs, K Natasha, U Morad


Endophytic bacteria with potential for bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons and derivatives

NC de Oliveira, AA Rodrigues, MIR Alves, NR Antoniosi Filho, G Sadoyama, JDG Vieira


Anti-inflammatory activities of enzymatic (alcalase) hydrolysate of a whey protein concentrate

LB de Carvalho-Silva, MTB Pacheco, R Bertoldo, C de Carvalho Veloso, LC Teodoro, A Giusti-Paiva, PCB Lollo, R Soncini