Effect of source and seed size on yield component of corn S.C704 in Khuzestan

  • MR EnayatGholizadeh
  • AM Bakhshandeh
  • M Dehghan Shoar
  • MH Ghaineh
  • KH Alami Saeid
  • M Sharafizadeh
Keywords: Corn, seed size, seed source, yield, yield component.


Seed source of corn production (hybrid SC704), desirable seed size and the relationship between seed vigor and seed size on the grain yield of field corn conducted at the Agricultural Research center, Safiabad Dezful in 2008 with 3 replicates was evaluated. In this study, seed source (Khoozestan, Moghan and Khorasan) was used as the main factor and seed size (6, 6.5 and 7 mm) as subplot. The design of the field experiment was split plot in logout of randomize complete block. Results indicated an increase in seed size, seed number in cob, row number in cob, seed number in row, and 1000 grain weight with different seed sources. In general, the results showed that grain yield increased with high seed size and vigor. High grain yield was obtained with the seed source of Khoozestan and 7 mm seed size (8717.7 Kg/ha) compared to the seed source of Moghan and Khorasan (8583.7 and 8344.3  Kg/ha) respectively.

Key word: Corn, seed size, seed source, yield, yield component.


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eISSN: 1684-5315