Improving the implementation of pre-laboratory flow charts, cooperative learning and laboratory report writing in first year organic chemistry I laboratory class

  • Zewdu Bezu
  • Wasihun Menberu
  • Meseret Asrat


The aim of this research was to use different assessment methods by engaging all students in pre-laboratory flow charts with check lists by taking into account rather than giving a mark for attendance for their presence, based on principles of cooperative learning method by forming groups, promoting positive interdependence among individuals, providing individual accountability and helping students to develop team work skills and lastly the post laboratory reports evaluation and presentation on selected criteria’s summarizes the research base that attest to the effectiveness of methods and improvement of cooperative learning in practical organic
chemistry I class. [African Journal of Chemical Education—AJCE 6(1), January 2016]

Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2227-5835