African Journal of Reproductive Health - Vol 11, No 3 (2007)

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Table of Contents


Improving Health, Improving Lives: Impact of the African Youth Alliance and New Opportunities for Programmes
U Daniels
Sexual Behavior, Knowledge and Information Sources of Very Young Adolescents in Four Sub-Saharan African Countries
A Bankole, A Biddlecom, G Guiella, S Singh, E Zulu
Prevalence and meanings of exchange of money or gifts for sex in unmarried adolescent sexual relationships in sub-Saharan Africa
A M Moore, A Biddlecom, E M Zulu
Coerced First Sex among Adolescent Girls in Sub-Saharan Africa: Prevalence and Context
A M Moore, K Awusabo-Asare, M Madise, J John-Langba, A Kumi-Kyereme
Is Poverty a Driver for Risky Sexual Behaviour? Evidence from National Surveys of Adolescents in four African Countries
N Madise, E Zulu, J Ciera
Adolescents\' views of and preferences for sexual and reproductive health services in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Malawi and Uganda
A E Biddlecom, A Munthali, S Singh, V Woog
Factors Associated with Sexual Abstinence among Adolescents in Four Sub-Saharan African CountriesC
C Kabiru, A Izeh
Influence of social connectedness, commu-nication and monitoring on adolescent sexual activity in Ghana
A Kumi-Kyereme, K Awusabo-Asare, A Biddlecom, A Tanle
The Timing and role of Initiation Rites in Preparing Young People for Adolescence and Responsible Sexual and Reproductive Behaviour in Malawi
C Munthali, E Zulu
Perceptions of risk to HIV Infection among Adolescents in Uganda: Are they Related to Sexual Behaviour?
R Kibombo, S Neema, F H Ahmed
HIV/AIDS and Sexual-Risk Behaviors among Adolescents: Factors influencing the use of condoms in Burkina Faso
G Guiella, N Madise
Knowledge of correct condom use and consistency of use among adolescents in four countries in Sub-Saharan Africa
A Bankole, F H Ahmed, S Neema, C Ouedraogo, S Konyani
Metaphors We Love By: Conceptualizations of Sex among Young People in Malawi
C-C Undie, J Chriton, E Zulu

ISSN: 1118-4841
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