Adapting the Kwagh-hir puppetry theatre to create kinetic paintings

  • Saghevwua Amos Agaku
Keywords: Adaptation, Kwagh-hir puppetry theatre, Kinetic paintings, Tiv


This article examines the aesthetic qualities of the Kwagh-hir puppets and how gesture and drama can be used to create kinetic paintings. In doing this, it adopts the historical-analytic and artistic methods to present a concise history of the Kwagh-hir puppetry theatre, with a view to putting together its aesthetic attributes as sources of inspiration for the creation of paintings. It further interrogates the drama and gestures of the Kwagh-hir sculptures, as would-be compositional influences. It argues that the use of gesture and drama to create kinetic paintings though could be very challenging, is a fascinating creative experience for the artist. Hence, such creative transformations could be made to represent various aesthetic designs worthy of public and individual patronage and appreciation.

Keywords: Adaptation, Kwagh-hir puppetry theatre, Kinetic paintings, Tiv


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2449-1179
print ISSN: 2006-1838