Demographic Factors as Correlates of Health – Seeking Behaviour of the People of Oyo State, Nigeria

  • SR Adaramaja
  • OM Tijani
Keywords: Health, Behaviour, Correlates, Oyo State, Demographic Factors


This study was designed to investigate whether demographic factors could be taken as correlates of health-seeking behaviour of the people of Oyo State, Nigeria. Descriptive research design of survey type was adopted for this study. Sample size of one thousand, one hundred and fifty-two respondents were used. Demographic variables used were gender, marital status and religious affiliations.A researchers’ designed questionnaire was used for data collection.The instrument used was validated by the experts in the area of health education.The reliability coefficient of 0.68r was obtained through split-half method using Spearman-Brown Rank Order Correlation Coefficient.The data collected were analysed using frequency counts and percentage for demographic information while inferential statistics of Pearson Product Moment Correlation and Multiple Regression Analysis were adopted to test the four null hypotheses postulated for the study at 0.05 alpha level of significance. The result revealed that gender makes no difference because every individual needs to strive for a healthy life. In addition,marital status and religious affiliations were found to have influence in determining different ways by which individual access health behaviour or lifestyle like alcohol consumption, smoking, sexual behaviour and drug habit. The study concludes that demographic factors like marital status and religious affiliations are correlates to health seeking behaviour among the people of Oyo State, Nigeria. Gender of the respondents makes no significant difference in relation to the health-seeking behaviour of the respondents. Recommendations made include that equal opportunity should be given to male and female on any health issue no matter the condition because every individual aspires to live a healthy life among other recommendations.

Keywords: Health, Behaviour, Correlates, Oyo State, Demographic Factors


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