Editorial Team

Editorial Committee

Dr. Africanus Lewil Diedong

Dr. Diedong is the Editorial Chair of the GJDS. He holds a Ph.D in Social Communications from the Gregorian University, Rome. He is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of African and General Studies, Faculty of Integrated Development Studies, University for Development Studies.
Email: langyin45@gmail.com
Cell Phone: 024-6818407 

Prof. David Millar

Prof Millar is co-founder of the GJDS. He holds a Ph.D in Agricultural Science from the University of Wageningen, The Netherlands and he is a Professor in the Department of African and General Studies. 
Phone: 0244-720834 

Prof. Amin Alhassan

Prof Alhassan is the former Dean of Faculty of Agribusiness and Communication Sciences, University for Development Studies. He holds a Ph.D in Communication Studies, from the Concordia University, Montreal and he is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication, Innovation and Technology, University for Development studies. 
Email: amin.dada@gmail.com
Phone: 020-1234560

Dr. Edward Salifu Mahama

Dr. Mahama is a senior and the Director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research and Consultancy Service (IIRaCS), Ghana. He holds a Ph.D in Socio-Linguistics, University of Reading, United Kingdom.
Phone: 0243- 821111

Editorial Advisory Board

Prof. Gabriel AyumTeye 

Prof. Teye holds a Ph.D in Meat Science and Technology from the University of Bristol, UK. He is currently the Vice-Chancellor of the University for Development Studies, Ghana. 
: Gabriel.teye@uds.edu.gh                                 
: 024- 3036149 

Prof. Agnes Atia Apusigah

Prof. Apusigah is the former Editorial Chair and co-founder of the GJDS. She holds a Ph.D in Cultural Studies and Curriculum Studies from Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario Canada. She is an Associate Professor and the former Dean of the Faculty of Education, University for Development Studies.
Phone: 0244-581725 

Rev. Prof. Saa Dittoh                                 

Professor Dittoh holds a Ph.D and is Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics in the Department of Agriculural Economics and Extension, University for Development Studies, Nyankpala, Ghana.
Email: saadittoh@yahoo.com                                   
Phone: 0244-296612

Prof. Stephen Bugu Kendie                                 

Prof Kendie holds a Ph.D and is Professor at the Development Studies of the Institute of Development Studies, University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana. 

Prof. Alfred Babatunde Zack-Williams

Prof. Zack-Williams is a Professor Emeritus in Sociology at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy of Britain, a member of the British Academy Africa Panel and President of the African Studies Association of the United Kingdom. He holds a Ph.D in Sociology, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.
Email: abzw1427@gmail.com                              
Phone: 44 151 724 3773

Prof. Kwame A. Ninsin

Prof. Ninsin holds a Ph.D and is Professor Emeritus of Political Science of the University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana. He is currently the head of Research of the Institute for Democratic Governance, Accra, Ghana.     
Phone: 0285012491                           

Prof. Isidore Lobnibe

 Lobnibe is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Western Oregon University, USA. He holds a Ph.D in Socio-Cultural Anthropology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Email: lobnibe@wou.edu                                    
Phone: 503-838-8306

Prof. Takyiwaa Manu                                            

Prof. Takyiwaa Manu holds a Ph.D in Anthropology and is Professor in African Studies of the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, Legon.
Email: takyiwaa@yahoo.com                                  
Phone: 024-4686064                                  

Prof. Bhavani Shankar

Shankar is a Professor of International Food, Agriculture and Health, SOAS, University of London. He holds a Ph.D in Agricultural Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA.
Email: b.shankar@soas.ac.uk

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