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Population growth in the Tamale Metropolis: a blessing or a curse to housing

Abdul-Kadri Yahaya


In recent times the effects of population growth on housing is globally underscored. This calls for attention on how housing needs are met by populations in developing countries due to limited individual and state resources. This study, therefore, examines the effects of population growth on housing in the Tamale Metropolis by resorting to mixed methods research design. The study relied on methods such as questionnaire administration and key informant interviews for primary data collection in addition to the secondary data. The sample size of the study was 100 respondents apportioned to the sampled study communities (Sakasaka, Target, Lamashegu, Aboabo, and Zogbeli) on the bases of their populations. Quantitative data analysis was done by using the descriptive statistics component of Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 21 and presented with tables while qualitative data analysis was done by resorting to content analysis and presented using quotations. As part of the findings, the study disclosed that the population of Tamale Metropolis has been galloping due to factors such as high fertility, positive net migration, and low mortality emanating from improvement in healthcare delivery in the metropolis. The study recommends for intensification of public-private partnerships in housing provision.

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