Ghana Journal of Development Studies

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Managing Libraries for Positive Results: A Preliminary Study of Libraries in Ghana

C Entsua-Mensah


There is a growing perception that information management identifies, coordinates and exploits information entities in an organization for the purpose of utilizing the characteristics of information to achieve greater value in the research environment or to gain competitive advantage over competitors in an industrial environment. For the professional librarian, managing information in response to and in anticipation of the needs of users so that information received becomes more relevant is one of the basic attributes of professional efficiency and skills. This paper examines the management practices of a cross-section of libraries using the non-participative observation method followed by discussions on some of the key observations with information professionals with a view to drawing attention to some of the practices that are not in conformity with international management standards. It examines such issues as professional attitude to work, user behavior, change management, and marketing of library services. The paper further discusses some basic problematic in the practices of information professional and concludes with suggestions intended to be realistic options that could be adopted to enhance information services provision.

Keywords: Library Management, Managing Change, user need analysis, professsional attitude, information marketing

International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences Vol. 3 (2) 2006: pp. 15-25
AJOL African Journals Online