Factors influencing the accessibility of Yam planting materials in the Techiman District of Ghana

  • EL Okorley
  • EO Addai
Keywords: Yam, Planting Materials, Seed Yam, Accessibility, Minisett and Microsett


Yam is a major economic crop that plays a significant role in food security and poverty alleviation in Ghana. Despite this role of yam in Ghana, farmers have incessant difficulty in accessing adequate planting materials for cultivation. In order to understand this problem, this research was conducted to determine the various factors that can influence the accessibility of yam planting materials to farmers in the Techiman District of the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. Quantitative and qualitative research techniques including semi-structured interviews and observations were employed for this study. The research identified six main factors as critical to accessing yam planting materials in the study area. These included the cultivar of yam that farmers want to grow, access to capital to purchase planting materials, and availability and cost of transportation to convey planting materials to store at farmer homes. The others were pests and diseases infestation of planting materials in storage, farmers’ membership in co-operatives that assist members with acquisition of credit and/or planting materials, and the adoption of minisett and microsett techniques by farmers.

KEY DESCRIPTORS: Yam, Planting Materials, Seed Yam, Accessibility, Minisett and Microsett


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eISSN: 0855-6768