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Comparative Study of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT) and Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)

Abba Mohammed
Jafaru Ibrahim
Ohabuiro John
Umar Iliyasu


Wind energy is one of the free and clean renewable energy resources that is playing a gigantic role towards a reduction in the use of fossil fuel that harms our environment. This paper presents a comparative study of the Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines (HAWTs) and Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs) which are used for generating electrical power from the wind. The two types of wind turbines were compared based on their configurations, advantages, disadvantages, and application areas as well as the swept area. The horizontal axis wind turbine was found to be more effective than the vertical axis wind turbine because its efficiency is greater than 70% compared to the vertical axis wind turbine's efficiency of between 50% and 60%. While vertical axis wind turbines are used in urban areas at locations like the tops of tall buildings, roadside dividers, railway tracks, and other similar locations because they operate at low wind speeds and accept wind from all directions, horizontal axis wind turbines are used in many countries for small and large power projects. The results of this research will help users choose and install the right wind turbine in the right place.

Keywords: - Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine, Renewable Energy, Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

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eISSN: 2811-2598
print ISSN: 1597-7463