The journal language is English and authors must submit three copies of their manuscripts and a soft copy which were not published or sent for publication elsewhere. In the preparation of the manuscript, the following conditions must be adhered to:

  1. Manuscript should be typed on A4 paper, 12 font size, 1.15 line spacing with a margin of 2.5cm on each side of the paper. The manuscript should not exceed 15 pages. Extra pages and photographs will attract additional charges.
  2. Title and abstract must be on the first page. The title and author(s) name(s) should be bold and cantered, while addresses should be centred but not bold.
  3. Abstract should not exceed 150 words and must be written in italic style.
  4. A brief introduction of the work or write-up is needed and should contain. (a) Aim of the work or write-up. (b) Review of relevant literature. (c) Contribution to knowledge. (d) Problems encountered.
  5. Where experiments were carried out, the usual system of reporting should be followed including aim, methodology, results, discussions, recommendations conclusion etc.
  6. American Psychology Association (APA) style of referencing method will be highly appreciated.
  7. Figures and tables should be numbered in numerical numbers.
  8. Reproduction of an extra copy attracts additional ₦1,000:00 only per copy.
  9. Manuscripts should be submitted with an assessment fee of ₦3,000:00 only.
  10. After assessment of the manuscripts gallery proofs will be sent to the authors for correction.
  11. After the collection gallery proofs, the original gallery proofs and the corrected copies will be sent back to the editor with a publication fee of ₦5,000:00 only.
  12. For an accepted manuscripts, it is assumed that authors have surrendered copyright of the manuscript to the JSMT journal.


Manuscript for publication should be arranged in the sequence below:


This should be as explicit as possible and should reflect the contents of the paper in not more than 20 words. It should also feature the name of the authors (Surname last). In the case of multiple authors, the correspondent author should have asterisked (*). The address of  the  authors with affiliation , postal details should  also be attached. The use of titles (such as: Mr. Dr. Mrs. Chief. Hon. etc) should be avoided.


All articles should be provided with an abstract not exceeding 250 words. It should be written in simple English language, clear and concise. The abstract should give an insight of the content including the scope, purpose, procedure, significance, result and conclusion of the research work.


Keywords should be provided for the purpose of indexing the subjecting of the  paper. This should be between 5-6 words and should come immediately after the abstract.


This should provide comprehensive context of  the paper outlining the purpose of  the study , provide information and  objective of the study. Introduction should also relate the available literature with the research study.


Experimental methods adopted should be adequately cited but not necessarily described in details. Description of experimental methods should however ,be elaborate enough to allow other researcher to implement the procedures.


Result and discussions are usually combined. This section should reflect the original and major findings of the work. Result may later be represented in tables and or figures. Discussion should provide an interpretation of the result in relation of findings of  others researchers in the literature.


This should be explicit and clearly summarized the findings of  the study


Authors may wish to acknowledge advices, technical or financial assistance from organization or institutions . This should however be as brief as possible and should precede the references.


All references should  be in APA format.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2811-2598
print ISSN: 1597-7463