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Enhancement of irrigation practice in Birniwa – Tasha village of Jigawa state

Muhammad Shuaibu Birniwa


Agriculture is a fulcrum of any nation economic and technological development. Development of any country in an absence of agriculture with particular reference to irrigation system is very slim. Irrigation can be made possible, simple, efficient and effective in the Sudan savanna especially in an area where the static water level is not more than twenty five (25) meters; Most of the water pumps available in the Nigerian mark et have total head of twenty five (25) meters with maximum suction head of 8.5 meters. Going by the data available the researcher have fabricated a device that can be use to lift water from depth that is greater than eight and half meters (8.5m) but less than twenty five (25m) meters for irrigation with this available pump. The device is fabricated in segments, each segment is one meter long, it is constructed in this manner to suit different depths of static water level. The number of segments to be used is determined by the depth of the static water level of the borehole. The device is tested in a borehole of twelve (12m) depth and found to be efficient and effective for irrigation in an area where the static water rest level is more than 8.5 meters depth.

Keywords: Sudan Savanna, Suction Head, Total Head, Lift Head, Borehole and Water rest level

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