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Socio-Economic Status and Psychological Constructs of Heads of Farm Families in Delta State Nigeria

BO Ovwigho


This study examined the empirical relationship between socio-economic status and psychological construct of heads of farm families in Delta State. Simple random sampling procedures done on multi-stage basis was used in composing the sample. The sample was made up of 510 heads of farm families drawn from Delta Ibo (174), Urhobo (147), Ijaw (87), Isoko (60), and Itsekiri (42). Questionnaire was used in data collection. Psychological constructs were measured by the use of Sigma scoring method, Data were analyzed by the use of mean, analysis of variance, multiple regression and factor analysis. The valid psychological constructs were adoption behaviour, leadership abilities, cosmopoliteness, education level, and attitude to innovation. There was a significant relationship between socio-economic status and the valid psychological constructs of the heads’ of farm families (F=333.29497; p = 0.00). The multiple regression analysis showed that 76.78 percent of socio-economic status was explained by the valid psychological constructs of heads of farm families. The psychological constructs of socio-economic status of heads of farm families in any locality should be understood by the extension agent so as to foster a good working relationship with the farmer.

Key words: Socio-economic Status, Adoption, Leadership, Cosmopolitness, Education, Attitude, Innovation.
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