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Egg incubator control system with short message service (sms) fault analysis alert

LO Uzoigwe
JC Ekezie


The egg incubator system with temperature sensor can measure the state of the incubator and automatically change to the suitable condition for the egg. The health of the egg is very important for the development of embryo. The status condition in the incubator system will appear on the liquid crystal display (LCD) screen. To make sure all part of egg was heated by lamp, direct current (DC) motor was used to rotate iron rod at the bottom side and automatically change the position of egg. The entire element is controlled using programmable integrated circuit (PIC) – a type of microcontroller that can process a data from sensor and will execute the control element to change the condition of the incubator system. The heater is interfaced with the controller through the optocoupler. The optocoupler isolates the microcontroller from the alternating current (AC) power, thereby preventing any possible flow back of the AC into the control circuit. The software intelligent agent was embedded into 8051 family of micro controllers, emulating the attention commands of mobile cell phone using window HyperTerminal and microcontroller and thus translate  attention commands to assembly language, having machine cycle of 1.085s,R=10K,C=10ìF, t=2.17ìs,transistor collector current, Ic=800mA and emitter forward current gain, hfe gives 200.The SMS mobile cell phone using AT89C51 microcontroller in the prototype self diagnostic systems, will not only control the temperature of an incubator but also detect and analyze faults in the system. The programme used in this work is user friendly since the incubator system can move to other places.


Keywords: Microcontroller, Optocoupler, Programmable Integrated Circuit (PIC) and Window HyperTerminal

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eISSN: 1597-1074