Economics of Marketing Benniseed In Nasarawa State, Nigeria

  • M Mkpado
  • TAK Anzaku
  • AI Achike


The performance of the marketing system of benniseed in Nasarawa State was determined by using marketing margin models, Analysis of Variance and Duncan multiple range test. Primary data used for analysis were generated through random sampling of 90 farmers and 270 regular middlemen. The results showed that the mean marketing margin was 18.2%, marketing costs 12.8%, net profit 8.3% and farmer’s share 78.9% of the retail price. These values indicated efficient and competitive trends under the prevailing circumstances. ANOVA results showed that marketing margins at the three main market centers were significant at 0.05 level of probability while the multiple range tests showed that marketing margin was highest in Doma Nassarawa central markets.

Keywords: Economics; Benniseed; Marketing Margins; Nigeria.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1597-1074