Characterization of co-products of the pilot digesters to animal biomass in Tunisia

  • Y M’Sadak
  • AB M'Barek
Keywords: Pilot digesters, Bovine dejections, Avicolous droppings, Biogas, Methacompost, Juice of process


This work consists in evaluating the Co-products of the biomethanisation applied to the animal biomass on the level of various types of digesters (experimental I, II, III and IV, rural and industrial). This work made it possible to arise certain number of observations: The energy performances are more interesting in the case of the digesters powered with the avicolous droppings; the reduction of the polluting load as of SM is more  important in the case of the industrial digester, whereas for the BDO5, it is in favor of the experimental  digester II; The agronomic use of the secondary by-products proves very encouraging and powerful.

Keywords: Pilot digesters; Bovine dejections; Avicolous droppings; Biogas; Methacompost; Juice of process.


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eISSN: 1112-9867