Passive air conditioning methods for different climates, special focous on Iran

  • N. Maftouni
  • A. Bagheri
Keywords: passive air conditioning, climate, energy.


One of the most important parameters to be considered in life’s style and life’s situations of human is the comfort. The usual tools for making thermal comfort are traditional mechanical air conditioners. The disadvantage of them is using much energy and also being dangerous for environment ecological system. Therefore passive air conditioning can be used as a good alternative to conventional system. There are many various ways to achieve this goal. There should be a deep attention to the climate of each region to study passive air conditioning there. In this research different approaches for some major climates are discussed. There is a special focus on Iran’s climates and new ideas are presented for passive air conditioning in some of them. Results show that passive approach is an advisable proposed solution in Iran.

Keywords: passive air conditioning; climate; energy.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867