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Study and comparison arch at framework modern materials case study: Iran

S Karimi


With the shaping of novel ideas and trends in architecture, the traditional use of arched structures and forms is gradually fading away and being forgotten. This is while today the advancement of technology and the emergence of a wide range of innovations as well as the utilization of superb creativity have resolved many issues that were generally associated with arch shaped structures, whereby this particular type of structure has attracted attention and has gained importance in different ways. For instance, nowadays arch is used along with other kinds of novel innovations such as truss and space structures through the application of new materials like tent-like, membrane and composite structures. Rapid global progress in the domain of architecture and utilization of new technologies and revolutionary structures necessitates more attention and research on this field in our country. In this study, first existing research literatures on arch shaped structures have been reviewed critically and then considerations have been granted to novel compositions of this structure and accordingly it is hoped that the conclusions put forth by this research are considered in the educational and administrative sectors of the country.

Keywords: Arch, novel architecture, composition, creative spatial structures

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print ISSN: 1112-9867