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The organization of associative memory with lamination of elements

E.A. Titenko


Article contains the description of parallel search in associative memory. Initial operands (words) гeceive a dual impression. The source text is presented in the form of a line or in the form of a matrix. The sample is presented by a two-dimensional form. It consists in splitting a sample into even and odd character sets. Addition of the second coordinate for a sample allows to execute the alternating development of symbols and provides the anticipatory analysis of symbols of a sample of rather next symbols.This feature of the form of a sample allows to process each character set parallely. Processing of character sets is carried out on bit cutoffs in the associative memory at the same time. For the hardware support of steps of retrieval operation the original structure of the associative memory is offered. The structure contains new communications between storage cells, two retrieval registers for storage of character sets and original a circuitry element for foliation of characters on sets.

Keywords: search in a sample, matrix, associative memory, stratification of elements
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