Published: 2018-03-15

Establishing reliability of performance indicator of sepak takraw using notational analysis

N.A. Kosni, M.R. Abdullah, H Juahir, A.B.H.M. Maliki, R.M. Musa


Flood risk index pattern assessment: case study in Langat River Basin

A.S.M. Saudi, M.K.A. Kamarudin, I.S.D. Ridzuan, R Ishak, A Azid, Z.I. Rizman


Assessment of river plan changes in Terengganu River using RS and GIS method

M.K.A. Kamarudin, A.M. Nalado, A Kasmuri, M.E. Toriman, H Juahir, R Umar, N.R. Jamil, A.S.M. Saudi, Z.I. Rizman, M.B. Gasim, A.R. Hassan, N.A. Wahab, N.A.F.N. Wan


Flood simulation model using XP-SWMM along Terengganu River, Malaysia

S.G. Diya, M.K.A. Kamarudin, M.B. Gasim, M.E. Toriman, H Juahir, R Umar, A.S.M. Saudi, M.G. Abdullahi, A.A. Rabiu


Developing health status index using factor analysis

M Mohamad, H Juahir, N.A.M. Ali, M.K.A. Kamarudin, F Karim, N Badarilah


Assessment of water quality status using univariate analysis at Klang and Juru River, Malaysia

M.S.M. Zin, H Juahir, M.E. Toriman, M.K.A. Kamarudin, N.A. Wahab, A Azid


A comparative study on different BMI category and physical fitness health related component of sedentary male youth in Terengganu

V Eswaramoorthi, M.R. Abdullah, H Juahir, A.B.H.M. Maliki, R.M. Musa, N.A. Kosni, N Alias, N.B. Raj, S.M.M. Rasid, A Adnan


Spectrum monitoring: Radio Frequency Interferences (RFI) profile for hydroxyl (OH) lines window

S.N.A.S. Zafar, N.H. Zafar, Z.A. Ibrahim, M.K.A. Kamarudin, R Umar


A review on electromagnetics (EM) exposure measurement techniques from base station

A.R.S.N. Dianah, S.N. Hazmin, R Umar, M.K.A. Kamarudin, A.N. Dagang


Metal concentration at surface water using multivariate analysis and human health risk assessment

F Azaman, H Juahir, K Yunus, A Azid, S.I. Khalit, A.D. Mustafa, M.A. Amran, C.N.C. Hasnam, M.Z.A.Z. Abidin, M.A.M. Yusri


Assessment by multivariate analysis of family support

F.S.M. Ghazalli, S.N.F. Abdullah, H Juahir, N.A. Ghani, M.A. Amran


Assessments of lake profiling on temperature, Total Suspended Solid (TSS) and turbidity in the Kenyir Lake, Terengganu, Malaysia

N.A. Wahab, M.K.A. Kamarudin, A Anuar, F.M. Ata, N.H. Sulaiman, N.B. Baharim, N.S. Harun, N.A. Muhammad


Non-ionizing radiation as threat in daily life

S.K.F. Syaza, R Umar, S.N. Hazmin, M.K.A. Kamarudin, A Hassan, H Juahir


Selected Malaysia air quality pollutants assessment using chemometrics techniques

N.L.A. Rani, A Azid, S.I. Khalit, M.B. Gasim, H Juahir


Development of android application for computation of air pollutant index and water quality index

I.Z. Abidin, F.S. Abdullah, A Azid, M.K.A. Kamarudin, M.A. Amran, H Juahir


Assessment of natural groundwater recharge in Tudun Wada Local Government Kano State, Nigeria

M.G. Abdullahi, M.K.A. Kamarudin, R Umar, M.B. Gasim, N.A. Wahab


Potential of multivariate analysis in substance abuse research

A Fazillah, H Juahir, E Toriman, N Mohamad, M.K.A. Kamarudin, M Mohamad


Assessment of individual water quality index parameter in Terengganu River, Malaysia

A.M. Nalado, M.K.A. Kamarudin, N.A. Wahab, M.H. Rosli, A.S.M. Saudi


Air quality modelling using chemometric techniques

A Azid, N.A.A. Rani, M.S. Samsudin, S.I. Khalit, M.B. Gasim, M.K.A. Kamarudin, K Yunus, A.S.M. Saudi, K.M.K.K. Yusof


Back translation reliability of TEOSQ in team game, individual game and gender category

A.B.H.M. Maliki, M.R. Abdullah, H Juahir, R.M. Musa, N.A. Kosni, S.M. Mat-Rasid, A Adnan, N Alias, V Eswaramoorthi


Determination association of anthropometric and performance ability in Sepak Takraw youth athlete using unsupervised multivariate

N.A. Kosni, M.R. Abdullah, H Juahir, R.M. Musa, A.B.H.M. Maliki, S.M. Mat-Rasid, A Adnan, N Alias, V Eswaramoorthi


Relative age effect in physical attributes and motor fitness at different birth-month quartile

S.M. Mat-Rasid, M.R. Abdullah, H Juahir, R.M. Musa, A.B.H.M. Maliki, A Adnan, N.A. Kosni, V Eswaramoorthi, N Alias


Sensitivity pattern recognition and variableness of competitive adolescent soccer relative performance indicators

A.B.H.M. Maliki, M.R. Abdullah, H Juahir, R.M. Musa, S.M. Mat-Rasid, A Adnan, N.A. Kosni, V Eswaramoorthi, N Alias


The identification of essential normative performances indicators for adolescent: an implication for talent identification programme

A Adnan, M.R. Abdullah, H Juahir, A.B.H.M. Maliki, R.M. Musa, S.M. Mat-Rasid, N.A. Kosni


An Intelligent Lighting Control System (ILCS) using LabVIEW

S.B. Mohamed, M Minhat, M.S. Kasim, M.H.M. Adam, M.A. Sulaiman, Z.I. Rizman


A novel scientific approach in identifying talents among female adolescent athletes in field hockey sport based on physical fitness and anthro-energy intake

N Alias, M.R. Abdullah, R.M. Musa, A.B.H.M. Maliki, N.A. Kosni, V Eswaramoorthi, S.M. Mat-Rasid, A Adnan, H Juahir


Characterization of primary and secondary metabolites of leaf and stem extracts from Eurycoma longifolia jack

N Zakaria, K.S. Mohd, M.S.R. Hamil, A.H. Memon, M.Z. Asmawi, Z Ismail


Spatial analysis of heavy metals in mangrove estuary at east coast peninsular Malaysia: a preliminary study

M.S. Samsudin, S.I. Khalit, A Azid, K Yunus, M.A. Zaudi, N.A. Badaluddin, A.S.M. Saudi


Bioaccumulation of Cu and Pb in freshwater fish samples from Sungai Kelantan

N Yaakub, M Nizam, A Raoff, M.N. Haris, A.A.A. Halim, F.A.S. Halim


Water quality index assesment around industrial area in Kuantan, Pahang

N Yaakub, M.N.A. Raoff, M.N. Haris, A.A.A. Halim, M.K.A. Kamarudin


Water quality assessment of the rivers in bauxite mining area at Kuantan Pahang

N Yaakub, M.N.A. Raoff, M.N. Haris, A.A.A. Halim, M.K.A. Kamarudin


Physicochemical characteristics of Malaysian honeys influenced by storage time and temperature

A.M.A. Fuad, N.Z.R. Anwar, A.J. Zakaria, N Shahidan, Z Zakaria


Investigating the relationship between Malaysian rugby sevens match officials physical fitness and performance

M.N. Nazarudin, M.R. Abdullah, V Parnabas, N.M. Abdullah, A.B.H.M. Maliki


The developmental pathways of Malaysian elite youth badminton players

J.F.L. Low, N.I. Mohamad, K.B. Ong, S.A. Aziz, M.R. Abdullah, A.B.H.M. Maliki


The strategy differences and movement pattern between medalist and non-medalist taekwondo youth athlete

P.K. Suppiah, A.J. Joummy, M.R. Abdullah, A.B.H.M. Maliki, R.M. Musa, S.M. Mat-Rasid, A Adnan, N.A. Kosni, H Juahir


The prospects of use of alternative types of fuel in road transport

L.M. Gabsalikhova, G.R. Sadygova, I.V. Makarova, E.M. Mukhametdinov


Energy performance and energy saving of life-support systems in educational institutions

A.N. Volkov, A.N. Leonova, E.N. Karpanina, D.A. Gura


Fuel distributor control of an internal combustion engine using Hilbert-Huang transformation

E.R. Saifullin, A.R. Zagretdinov, Y.V. Vankov, A.R. Zagretdinova


Rolling bearing monitoring algorithm by wavelet scaling comparison

S.E. Rinatovich, V.Y. Vitalevich, A.M. Victorovich, I.E. Vyacheslavovna


Rolling bearings control by comparing the wavelet of scaling

S.E. Rinatovich, V.Y. Vitalevich, A.M. Victorovich, I.E. Vyacheslavovna


General method of synthesis by PLIC/FPGA digital devices to perform discrete orthogonal transformations

I.I. Ismagilov, S.F. Khasanova, V.M. Zakharov, S.V. Shalagin


Development of a multilayer structure for power unit acoustic shielding

I.F. Shaehova, S.M. Vakhitova, I.F. Gumerov


Specialized case tools for the development of the accounting applications

A.I. Enikeev, V.O. Georgiev, M.B.A. Mohammed


Strengthening the material-technical base of modern agrarian formations

A.A. Zamaidinov, A.K. Subaeva, T.N. Leonidovich, N.M. Mingaliyevich, V.T. Vodyannikov


Assessment of atmospheric pollution in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny with emissions from motor vehicles and industrial enterprises

I.F. Suleimanov, G.V. Mavrin, M.R. Kalimulina, E.V. Bondarenko, R.F. Kalimullin, A.A. Filippov


Increasing the availability of urban passenger transport on objective control data basis

I.F. Suleimanov, G.V. Mavrin, M.R. Kalimulina, I.I. Liubimov, A.N. Melnikov, A.A. Filippov


Use of information criterion for classification of measurement data

T.I. Lapina, D.V. Lapin, E.A. Petric


Supervision as the procedure applicable in the case of bankruptcy

A.R. Khafizova, S.V. Salmina, L.T. Bakulina, N.E. Habibullin


Neural network analysis of vibration signals in the diagnostics of pipelines

E.R. Saifullin, S.G. Ziganshin, Y.V. Vankov, V.V. Serov


Microscopic analysis of electroerozyon chrome-containing powders

E.V. Ageev, A.Y. Altukhov, A.V. Shcherbakov, A.N. Novikov


Interpolation of fuzzy data

E Khodaparast


Recovery of parameters of a homogeneous elastic layer using neural networks

D.N. Tumakov, D.M. Khairullina, A.A. Valeeva


The study of decorative elements of Siamian Gorji House

A Salehi, M.N. Goljah, A.S. Baladehi


Regional electoral committees as a direct democracy institution

K.S. Inalkaeva, M.S. Tepsuev, A.R. Matyeva


Cultural heritage in the food traditions of the Sakha people

I.Z. Borisova, V.V. Illarionov, T.V. Illarionova


More efficient taxation in the Russian Federation nowadays

K.M. Musaeva, B.K. Aliev, R.M. Magomedova


Neuro-fuzzy control of data sending in a mobile ad hoc network

K.O. Polshchykov, S.A. Lazarev, A.D. Zdorovtsov


Features of human capital in urban territories

Z Mingaleva, Y Karpovich, O Kozlova


The cultural heritage as a basis for creating a virtual image of the city

E.V. Semenova, V.I. Semenov, M.V. Rumyantsev


Study of the meta-subject competencies cluster of teachers working with gifted children

N.P. Ansimova, A.V. Zolotareva, N.A. Mukhamed’yarova, A.L. Pikina, N.G. Tikhomirova


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