Increasing the availability of urban passenger transport on objective control data basis

  • I.F. Suleimanov
  • G.V. Mavrin
  • M.R. Kalimulina
  • I.I. Liubimov
  • A.N. Melnikov
  • A.A. Filippov
Keywords: Passenger transport, safety of passenger transport, road transport enterprises


Urban passenger road transport has an important socio-economic significance, ensuring mobility of the population. The quality of passenger road transport is characterized by the availability, safety and the level of public satisfaction.

Urban transportation is subject to the state and industry standards that regulate quality indicators. A significant number of works in our country and abroad have been devoted to the study of the problem of ensuring the quality of passenger road transport. The issues of ensuring the quality of transportation by the methods of dispatching the operation of passenger vehicles, based on objective control data remain insufficiently studied. The research was carried out using elements of the theory of system analysis and decision theory, mathematical modeling, probability theory and mathematical statistics, expert evaluation theory, field surveys, linear and nonlinear programming, and the theory of road transportation.

The paper presents the results of the development of a mathematical model of the quality of passenger road transport, taking into account the relationship of objective control data with the parameters of the rolling stock and the route network. The designed model is intended for development of methods and means of operative management of a rolling stock on route based on variation of external factors forming passenger traffic.

The developed theoretical provisions and practical recommendations are intended for use by both dispatch departments of motor transport enterprises and dispatch centers coordinating the work of the whole route network of a settlement.

Keywords: Passenger transport, safety of passenger transport, road transport enterprises


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eISSN: 1112-9867