Non-ionizing radiation as threat in daily life

  • S.K.F. Syaza
  • R Umar
  • S.N. Hazmin
  • M.K.A. Kamarudin
  • A Hassan
  • H Juahir
Keywords: electromagnetic field radiation, non-ionizing radiation, EMR


Electromagnetic field (EMF) is a field of combination between electric and magnetic field. While electromagnetic radiation (EMR) can be divided into ionizing and non-ionizing radiation (NIR). This article review of published scientific studies about NIR and its effect on the human body. From this review, it is found that NIR gives effect towards the human body if it is exposed towards NIR in long time exposure. NIR also creates a thermal effect in long time exposure. This paper tends to create awareness for public that non-ionizing radiation provide an adverse effect towards public since its source is within our everyday life. For future study, we suggest for a policy to be applied in Malaysia as a basic guideline for EMR exposure and an implementation of mapping for EMR exposure at East and West of Malaysia to create an easiness for future researcher do a research in the EMR field study.

Keywords: electromagnetic field radiation; non-ionizing radiation; EMR


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867