Establishing reliability of performance indicator of sepak takraw using notational analysis

  • N.A. Kosni
  • M.R. Abdullah
  • H Juahir
  • A.B.H.M. Maliki
  • R.M. Musa
Keywords: sepak takraw, performance indicators, notational analysis, reliability


The aim of this study is to establish the necessary reliability in the notational analysis of sepak takraw. Two performance analysts were recruited to help in the collection of the data. The performances  were  analyzed based  on  the  main performance  indicators  relevant  to  the demand of the game. Cronbach’s alpha and Cohen’s kappa reliability testing was implemented to test the reliability of the information collected. The results for reliability shows [α = 0.91 and K = 0.89 (0.092, 95%), p < 0.05] respectively, which confirmed the reliability of the information  collected  from the  analysis.  This  paper  has revealed  that  reliability  in  the notational analysis could be achieved. Performance analysts should ensure the reliability of their analysis before being relayed to the coach.

Keywords: sepak takraw; performance indicators; notational analysis; reliability


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867