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An information model of a centralized admission campaign in Russian higher education institutions

A.I. Pykhtin
O.V. Ovchinkin


The aim of the work is to structure individual application environments of the information model of a centralized admission campaign in higher education institutions in Russia by modifying the corresponding structure of the Federal information system supporting state final examination and admission procedures. , The IDEF1X modeling methodology was used as research tool. The main result of the work is the formation of such information model subject areas as Educational programs , Entrance exams , Applicant’s Priorities and Physical persons. Practical implementation of this model will reduce the costs of universities to support their own information systems, strengthen controls over the compliance with Russian legislation requirements in the field of higher education, ensure the most open and transparent way of applicants’ competitive selection. Identified are the blocks of the model of the Federal information system that have already been implemented but require certain modification. The information model can be used in other countries with similar state final examination and state information systems.

Keywords: admission to universities, information model, applicant