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Influences of saccharides types and initial glucose concentration on microbial cellulose production by G. xylinus

A Adnan, G.R. Nair, M.C. Lay, J.E. Swan, R Umar, A.F.I. Yusra


Microbial cellulose (C6H10O5)n is a remarkable polysaccharide and has excellent characteristics as a highly potential biomaterial. To enhance microbial cellulose concentration in aerated and agitated cultivation, the influences of three different saccharides and initial glucose concentrations were investigated. Tests on agar slants and in agitated shake flasks using glucose, sucrose and lactose media exhibited that the cellulose producer, Gluconacetobacterxylinus DSM 46604 resembled good growth on glucose and produced cellulose. However, there was negligible growth on sucrose and lactose media.

Further experiments with initial glucose concentrations between 40 and 100 g/L were carried out for five days. The maximum microbial cellulose concentration of 1.13 g/L was obtained from 50 g/L glucose media.

Keywords: microbial cellulose; glucose concentrations; shake flasks; Gluconacetobacterxylinus
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