Physicochemical characteristics of Malaysian honeys influenced by storage time and temperature

  • A.M.A. Fuad
  • N.Z.R. Anwar
  • A.J. Zakaria
  • N Shahidan
  • Z Zakaria
Keywords: physicochemical characteristics, storage, Malaysian honeys


Honey is a natural product that produced by honeybees or stingless bees. Consumers always found the best quality of honey by observing the physicochemical properties. However, storage time and temperature can affect the quality of honey. This study aimed to determine the physicochemical properties (moisture content, pH, water activity and turbidity) of Hutan, Kelulut, Gelam, Acacia honeys stored at different temperatures (-20, 4 and 25oC) up to 300 days and to identify the storage conditions suitable to be applied for each type of honey. The results of this study showed that the quality of Malaysian honeys were affected by the storage times and temperatures. Hutan honey was found to be very sensitive to low temperature condition. Thus, it is recommended that Hutan honey should be stored at room temperature to retain its quality.

Keywords: physicochemical characteristics; storage; Malaysian honeys


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eISSN: 1112-9867