The study of decorative elements of Siamian Gorji House

  • A Salehi
  • M.N. Goljah
  • A.S. Baladehi
Keywords: Decorative Elements, Qajar, House, Mazandaran, Behshahr, Siamian Gorji


Among different architectural artifacts developed in history of architecture in Iran most of which are based on traditional architecture, house is regarded as most significant architectural artifact since it is one of the earliest architectural constructions and it is directly association with security and calmness of human beings as well as regional ecosystem. Qajar era could be regarded as period of innovations and significant changes of art and architecture of Iran. Houses are among architectural wonders and some of the most significant constructions of this period of time since lots of attention was given to decorations and especially drawings. Among significant factors contributing to majesty of architecture of Qajar era, one could point to decorations of buildings. Increasing associations and exchanges with West and introduction of modern sciences to Iran in this era was followed by distinctive influences on architecture and more especially, to decorations of buildings. In the present study, results of objective observations, field studies and library studies of decorative elements of Siamian Gorji House, one of the historical houses constructed during Qajar reign in Behshahr Town, are detailed in a descriptive and analytical manner. Therefore, the present study aims to identify decorative elements used in different parts of Siamian Gorji House and review types and styles of these elements. The results of present study mostly deal with influence of decorative elements of Qajar era on such houses.

Keywords: Decorative Elements, Qajar, House, Mazandaran, Behshahr, Siamian Gorji


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eISSN: 1112-9867