Assessment of natural groundwater recharge in Tudun Wada Local Government Kano State, Nigeria

  • M.G. Abdullahi
  • M.K.A. Kamarudin
  • R Umar
  • M.B. Gasim
  • N.A. Wahab
Keywords: groundwater, rainfall, recharge, wet season, water balance, empirical relation


Water is important natural resources on earth which cater for all human endeavors. Estimation of groundwater recharge is an essential for efficient groundwater resources management. This research entails the assessment of natural groundwater recharge in Tudun Wada Kano, Nigeria. This study carried out on 2015 attempted to derive an empirical relationship to determine the groundwater recharge from rainfall in Tudun Wada based on seasonal groundwater balance using data from 2002 to 2013. This empirical relationship similar to Chaturvedi formula was derived by fitting the estimated values of rainfall recharge and the corresponding values of rainfall in the monsoon season through the non-linear regression techniques. The variance was found to be 29.50 %, and the recharge of groundwater commences at P = 15.28 inches and the relative errors was found to range from 0.95 to 28.43%.

Keywords: groundwater; rainfall; recharge; wet season; water balance; empirical relation


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eISSN: 1112-9867