Problems of geoinformation system development and introduction in geographical education

  • R.A. Ulengov
  • N.K. Gabdrakhmanov
Keywords: education, geographic information systems, geography programs


The transition to the use of new information technology means is a characteristic feature of the modern general education and higher school. The programs of informatization are being implemented and the means of education informatization are being developed in the educational process of the educational institutions of Tatarstan within the framework of the priority national project "Education".

Modern educational standards also pay special attention to the need of competence development in the use of information and communication technologies, including the formation and the development of competence in the use of information and communication technologies at the public level, including the possession of information and communication technologies, the search, the design and transfer. Similarly, the requirements for the subject results of an in-depth geography course mastering should reflect the ability to use geoinformation systems [8].

Taking into account the expanding possibilities of computers, the growth of information cognitive activity of students and the persons just interested in geography and ecology, the task of a qualitatively new educational GIS creation combining data from toponymy, cartography and geography is a relevant one. The educational process at educational institutions requires the creation of teaching aids that will simplify the learning process. Within geography, which is common both at schools and at universities, geoinformation systems should become such a unique teaching tool.

The use of GIS will improve the visibility, the perception of material, the variability of the cartographic image, but it does not contain a learning component.

Keywords: education, geographic information systems, geography programs


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