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Rolling bearings control by comparing the wavelet of scaling

S.E. Rinatovich, V.Y. Vitalevich, A.M. Victorovich, I.E. Vyacheslavovna


The control of production processes, the quality of machine and mechanism assembly during their manufacture and during the repair period saves labor time and labor costs. Analysis of statistical data on equipment failures in various industries has shown that a large number of failures is conditioned by rolling bearings. The solution of bearing early diagnosis problem will predict reasonably the failure-free operation of the equipment in accordance with the actual condition of the bearing units.

The purpose of the study is to develop the method and an information and measuring system to monitor the technical condition of bearings based on vibration parameters based the comparison of scaling graphs of continuous wavelet analysis. The results of vibration acoustic signals of rolling bearings are presented with the use of wavelet transformations, the scaling graphs of signals from rolling bearings with various defects are obtained and analyzed experimentally. The method for bearing monitoring is proposed, which makes it possible to automate the process of defect detection and to increase the resolving power during vibrationacoustic control performance.

The result of the study showed that the application of analysis algorithms with the use of wavelet transformation allows to detect the defects of rolling bearings at an early stage of nucleation.

Implemented by the proposed control methodology, the measuring system can be used both as in-built into a monitored system and in a mobile version.

Keywords: rolling bearings, defects, non-destructive testing, vibration analysis, wavelet analysis
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