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Energy-efficient adjustable speed double inverter-fed woundrotor induction motor drive

G Tutaev
M Bobrov
Y Fedotov


The mathematical and analytical models of adjustable speed electric drive based on double inverter-fed induction motor are considered and analyzed in the article, the main equations which describe energy performances of such type of AC electric drive system are determined. The influence of excitation frequency on energy performances of double inverter-fed induction motor in steady-state at orthogonal flux vector control is considered in the article. The condition ensures minimum of stator steel losses at a predetermined rotor speed and can operate at speeds up to double rated without the magnetic flux reducing is presented. This possibility is one of the most important advantages of this type of electric drive over others types of AC drives for many technological processes.

Keywords: power, double-fed wound-rotor induction motor drive, steel and total losses, efficiency, energy-efficient control algorithm