Glycemic index of chocolate fortified with pumpkin (Cucurbita moshata) and taro (Colocasia esculenta) powder and its effect on mood and cognitive functions of female students

  • N Shahidan
  • N.Z. Salleh
  • Z Zakaria
  • N.Z. Rois Anwar
Keywords: fortified chocolate, pumpkin, taro, glycemic index, cognitive function, mood


This study aimed to determine Glycemic Index of chocolate fortified with pumpkin and taro powder and observed its effect on mood and cognitive functions of UniSZA female students. Two groups of female students (n = 30) were asked to consume control chocolate (Group A) and fortified chocolate (Group B) for four weeks. Their mood and cognitive functions were observed in mean of three replications. Their 2-hours postprandial blood sugars were assessed by  finger-prick  blood  to determine  their Glycemic  index  value.  The results  showed  an increased in mean value of 5-points mood scale in both groups from not at all happy to moderately happy after 15 minutes of its consumption. Meanwhile, respondents in group B scored higher mean value in memorizing 10 listed items and gave a steady rise in their blood sugar and insulin levels compared with group A.

Keywords: fortified chocolate; pumpkin; taro; glycemic index; cognitive function; mood


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eISSN: 1112-9867