Assessment by multivariate analysis of family support

  • F.S.M. Ghazalli
  • S.N.F. Abdullah
  • H Juahir
  • N.A. Ghani
  • M.A. Amran
Keywords: family support, opiate dependent, PCA, CA, spiritual


This study involves the assessment of family support based on a new instrument (questionnaire). 200 respondents were selected and a multivariate analysis was used  to analyze a large set of variables. A complete set of family support towards opiate dependents was analyzed by a principal component analysis, followed by a cluster analysis of the PCA results to determine the variation of the questionnaires and identify the characteristics of high variation questions. The result showed that there are 7 questions which have high variation in answers given by respondents (39.09% of cumulative variation), and a further analysis by cluster analysis  categorized all  those questions into  3 groups. Cluster 2 had the highest variation  question  (HVQ),  and  this  was  followed  by  cluster  1  with question (MVQ) and the lowest variation question (LVQ) was in cluster 3. 

Keywords: family support; opiate dependent; PCA; CA; spiritual


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867