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The prospects of use of alternative types of fuel in road transport

L.M. Gabsalikhova, G.R. Sadygova, I.V. Makarova, E.M. Mukhametdinov


The article is devoted to the analysis of possibilities of using alternative types of fuel in transport. Gas engine fuels are considered as potential energy carriers for diesel engines. Since the constructions of vehicles, using gas and traditional types of fuel, have some differences, the most important are the issues of ensuring trouble-free operation: the reliability of design, the development of petrol station chain, and the corporate service system. One of the ways of solving the problem of forecasting the need to expand the network of gas-filling stations for natural gas vehicles (NGV)is presented in the work. It is implemented in the form of program module that allows taking into account the prospects for expansion of the natural gas vehicles park, as well as the risks, which may arise in the process of realization of the long-term strategies for the development of this direction. The issues of ensuring the operational reliability of NGV are considered. The developed methods are aimed at improving the corporate service system of PJSC "KAMAZ". Fundamental defects of gasengines and failures distribution, depending on the operational kilometers, arising in the warranty period of operation, are analyzed in the work.

Keywords: transport, alternative types of fuels, natural gas vehicle fuel, reliability
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