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Assessing human error during collecting a hydrocarbon sample of the chemical plant using therp

N. A. A. Aziz
A. Fumoto
K. Suzuki


This paper reports the assessment method of the hydrocarbon sample collection standard operation procedure (SOP) using THERP. The Performance Shaping Factors (PSF) from THERP analyzed and assessed the human errors during collecting a hydrocarbon sample of a petrochemical refinery plant. Twenty-two scenarios and standard operating procedures (SOP) are analysed to identify the human errors. The event tree analysis is employed to quantify the human error. The finding revealed that the THERP is a feasible technique for measuring human performance errors and performance shaping factors.

Keywords: THERP, Event Tree Analysis, Human Error Probability, Hydrocarbon Sample
Collection SOP.

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print ISSN: 1112-9867