Published: 2018-04-09

Exploratory studies of asset based approach as the medium for disaster recovery

S. M. A. Razak, M. Sapri, I. Sipan, N. H. A. Maimun



The central subgroup of the nonabelian tensor square of Bieberbach group with point group C2 C2

R. Masri, N. F. A. Ladi, N. M. Idrus, Y. T. Tan, N. H. Sarmin


The nonabelian tensor square of a bieberbach group with elementary Abelian 2-group point group

N. F. A. Ladi, R. Masri, N. M. Idrus, Y. T. Tan, N. H. Sarmin


Alkali and bleach treatment of the extracted cellulose from pineapple (Ananas comosus) leaves

J. C. Grumo, L. J. Y. Jabber, J. N. Patricio, M. R. D. Magdadaro, A. A. Lubguban, A. C. Alguno


Effect of cellulose-based fibers extracted from pineapple (Ananas comosus) leaf in the formation of polyurethane foam

L. J. Jabber, J. Grumo, J. Patricio, M. R. Magdadaro, A. Alguno, A. Lubguban


Physico-chemical, thermal and electrical properties of the fabricated polyurethane thin films utilizing bio-based epoxidized soybean oil

J. N. Patricio, M. R. D. Magdadaro, L. J. Y. Jabber, J. C. Grumo, A. C. Alguno, A. A. Lubguban


Influence of rice straw-based polyols on the morphology, thermal and spectral properties of polyurethane foams

M. R. D. Magdadaro, J. N. Patricio, L. J. Y. Jabber, J. C. Grumo, A. A. Lubguban, A. C. Alguno


Forcasting Philippine daily stock exchange index

J. D. Urrutia, J. L. B. Diaz, E. B. Baccay


Ramie fiber reinforced epoxy (RFRE) composite for bulletproof panels

Mujiyono Mujiyono, D. Nurhadiyanto, A. F. H. Mukhammad


Aerodynamic sound from a sawtooth plate with different thickness

S. R. L. Samion, M. S. M. Ali, C. Doolan


Management of uncertainty flood into a large weir system in Thailand

S. Chuenchooklin, P. Soonthornnonda, U. Pangnakorn


Mathematical rainfall model for hydrographic demarcation of Manabi (Ecuador)

A. F. C. Cedeno, V. K. Debolsky, E. K. Sinichenko, I. I. Gritsuk


Utilization of secondary energy resources of metallurgical enterprises using heat pump

I. Shatalov, I. Shatalova, Yu. Antipov, E. Sobennikov


Improving the performance parameters of metal cylindrical grid shell structures

A. I. Siyanov, M. I. Rynkovskaya, M. I. Abu Mahadi, G. O. Mathieu


Seismic pounding mitigation by using viscous and viscoelastic dampers

A. M. Roshan, H. A. Taleshian, A. Eliasi


The strength research of the adhesive joints of sheet structures

D. D. Koroteev, F. A. Boytemirov, N. A. Stashevskaya


Application of microwave-treated Casuarina equisetifolia seeds in adsorption of dyes

M. Awang, A. A. A. Zuki, A. A. Mahmud, J. J. Jaafar, M. H. Zain


Perspective directions in the development of architecture of the polytechnic museums

D. A. Chistyakov, G. N. Cherkasov, N. N. Korshunova, G. I. Bykova


A reliable method for the stability analysis of structures

V. V. Galishnikova, E. V. Lebed


Choosing of optimal start approximation for laplace equation numerically solving

V. B. Baiburin, A. S. Rozov, N. Yu. Khorovodova, I. M. Tkachenko


Icmapen: an icmetric based security framework for sleep apnea monitoring

R. Tahir, H. Tahir, A. Sajjad, K. D. Maier


Factor influencing the choice of pineapple marketing channel In samarahan, sarawak

F. H. Apandi, A. R. Saili, N. H. Julaihi, A. S. A. Aziz, J. Saili


Fuzzy controller for better tennis ball robot

V. Q. Nguyen, H. T. Tran, D. M. T. Huynh



Development of neural network model of the multiparametric technological object

Y. I. Eremenko, D. A. Poleshchenko, Y. A. Tsygankov


The research of qualitative indicators of gas pipelines during the operation

F. K. Abdrazakov, O. V. Mikheeva, A. V. Povarov, S. V. Zatinatsky, Y. E. Trushin


Experimental grounding of the efficiency of the use of elastic operating elements in the devices for pre-sowing seed treatments

M.V. Sukhanova, V.P. Zabrodin, A.V. Sukhanov, V. Stýskala, J. Zegzulka, L. Jezerska, J. Rozbroj


Mathematical modeling of agricultural machinery technical maintenance

V.N. Kurochkin, A. A. Seryogin, N. V. Valuev, V. P. Zabrodin, V. S. Gazalov, S. L. Nikitchenko


Development of thermal LED Model

S. S. Kapitonov, A. V. Kapitonova, S. Y. Grigorovich


High-voltage pulse discharge as factor of the methanogenesis initiation

B. P. Chesnokov, F. K. Abdrazakov, E. V. Spiridonova, O. V. Naumova, D. S. Katkov


Design of LED lamps

A. A. Ashryatov


Theory and practice of unit creation for technogenic material compacting

M. V. Sevostyanov, V. S. Sevostyanov, L. I. Shinkarev, A. V. Osokin


Complex research of acoustic impact on gas-dust flow in vortex-acoustic dispenser

V. S. Sevostyanov, I. P. Boychuk, D. N. Perelygin, I. G. Martakov


Appliacation of the Kalman filter in control systems of power electronics

M. V. Talanov, A. V. Karasev, V. M. Talanov


Model of strategic planning in active systems

R. Nasim, A. Rustam, Z. Meiramkul


Addressing the needs of international students: a case from a russian university

O. L. Kocheva, T. S. Vershinina, M. O. Guzikova


Automation of capacitance measurements for power semiconductor modules

A. J. Drakin, V. F. Zotin, A. N. Shkolin


Introduction of vocational standards: are there alternative ways?

V. Blinov, E. Esenina, A. Faktorovich


Stimulating of entrepreneurs’ innovative activity in the Republic of Bashkortostan

G. F. Shaykhutdinova, S. A. Nikonova, R. F. Karachurina, I. M. Sharipova, L. N. Korotkova, L. F. Sultanova


On the problem of first year students adaptation to the learning process in a university

E. V. Ketrish, T. V. Andryukhina, N. V. Tret’yakova, O. M. Permyakov, K. N. Barakovskikh, I. E. Safronovich


Laws and regularities of vocational pedagogy

N. V. Ronzhina, G. М. Romantsev, E. V. Zaitseva, M. D. Scherbin


Subsidising agriculture in EAEU

V. Shelomentseva, A. Narynbayeva, L. Frezorger, M. Bayandin, Z. Smagulova, S. Bespalyy


Motivation of teenagers to design in the field of fine arts

S. V. Isekeeva, L. P. Efimova, Z. M. Yavgildina


The anthroponymicon ofsmall genres of tatar folklore in the context of the sufi picture of the world

Z. M. Kajumova, G. R. Galiullina, А. F. Yusupov, A. T. Sibgatullina


Formation of common cultural competence in country studies classes (based on Turkish language teaching practice)

E. K. Khabibullina, L. G. Khismatullina, A. R. Alikberova, I. G. Zakirova, R. R. Khairutdinov, I. Khanipova, G. Ibragimov


Means of expression of incentive modality in Tatar and English languages

N. Khabirova, G. Abrosimova, K. M. Minullin, I. Khanipova, R. R. Khairutdinov, G. Ibragimov


The features of the language of representation of humour in the texts of American and Russian stand-up comedians

E. V. Martynova, L. R. Sakaeva, D. F. Khakimzyanova, I. B. Bashirova, A. F. Gainutdinova, I. Khanipova, R. R. Khairutdinov, G. Ibragimov


Free association experiment in determining the gender characteristics in the understanding of the concept "мong" by the speakers of Tatar linguistic culture

R. R. Zakirova, R. M. Shakirzyanova, A. V. Fakhrutdinova, L. H. Mukhametzyanova, I. Khanipova, R. R. Khairutdinov, G. Ibragimov


Sociolinguistics features of humor in american linguoculture

L. R. Sakaeva, E. V. Martynova, G. I. Salyahova, A. H. Sadekova, I. Khanipova, R. R. Khayrutdinov


Specifics of computer discourse translation from English into Russian

N. A. Sigacheva, A. R. Baranova, G. K. Gizatova, R. R. Fahrutdinov


Connotation and Language culture

R. Vafina, E. Galiullina, R. Rakhmatullina, F. Z. Yahin, R. R. Fahrutdinov, G. Ibragimov


The role of the narrator in “man of Nazareth” by Anthony Burgess

A. G. Gainutdinova, L. F. Khabibullina, O. Y. Antsyferova


«Muslim matter» in the mirror of public discussion (XIX - beginning of XX century)

A. A. Gafarov, R. A. Nabiev, A. M. Fazliev, I. Z. Nafikov


Morphological and syntactical features of adjectives in English and Tatar participles

A. Y. Giniyatullina, M. R. Garaeva, L. E. Bushkanets, A. A. Timerhanov, I. Khanipova, R. R. Khairutdinov, G. Ibragimov


Heuristic environment as condition of art criticism competence development for future teachers

A. V. Mishina, Z. M. Yavgildina, N. V. Mishina, O. G. Belomoyeva


Aesthetic and semanticaccents of the neo-gothic interpretation in Russia

L. R. Mukhametzyanova, M. K. Yao, J. G. Emanova, K. G. Pozdnyakova


Effect of physiological delivery program in mother-friendly hospitals on duration of labor

S. Makvandi, K. Mirzaiinajmabadi, M. Mirteimoori, H. Esmaily


Using recommender systems to support idea generation stage

M. El Haiba, L. Elbassiti, R. Ajhoun


Myth in the structure of national consciousness

G. K. Gizatova, O. G. Ivanova, A. R. Karimov, G. N. Stepanenko, N. A. Tereshchenko, T. M. Shatunova


Forming the ICT competency of future pedagogues under informational-educational environment at University

E. K. Samerkhanova, E. P. Krupoderova, K. R. Krupoderova, L. N. Bakhtiyarova, A. V. Ponachugin, T. N. Astakhova