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Utilization of secondary energy resources of metallurgical enterprises using heat pump

I. Shatalov, I. Shatalova, Yu. Antipov, E. Sobennikov


Thermal secondary energy resources (SER)in metallurgical production can be divided into
high-temperature and low-potential energy sources (with temperatures below 50 C). We have
considered the ways of using low-potential thermal SER of a metallurgical plant. According to the traditional scheme, the circulating water is cooled in a cooling tower with the return of the heat of cooling to the environment.We propose to use a heat pump driven by a heat engine instead of a cooling tower. The scheme consists of a compression heat pump with a heat output of 4200 kW, a working agent R 600, a source of low-potential heat-circulating water: a 460 kW gas engine. The proposed scheme showed high efficiency of power supply of the town in comparison with the gas boiler

Keywords: heat pump; internal combustion engine metallurgical plant; energy efficiency

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