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Educational potential of public music lectures at Kazan Federal University (from emotional education to global thinking development)

S. V. Esekeeva, E. V. Kovrikova, I. F. Kamalova, S. N. Farah


The article highlights the topical issues of human education of the future humanisticnoospheric civilization on the example of the leading extracurricular form of concert and creative activity of teachers and students of the Kazan Federal University - the music educational lyceum. As a result of analyzing the interdisciplinary theoretical studies (on the problems of future education and the potential of educational activity of the musical and pedagogical structure of the university) and the practical pedagogical experience, we revealed the integrative potential of the lyceum in the aspect of the education of the future - from the education of human feelings to the development of his planetary, cosmic thinking. The lyceum potential is presented in the aggregate of culturally-creating, communicative-cognitive (information-evolutionary), problem-reflective (self-educational, research), dialogic-creative (culturological, activity) characteristics. The conducted research allowed determining the conditions (continuous self-education, updating and integration of educational resources on the basis of the information-evolutionary connection "human - nature - society", expansion of research and execution potential on the basis of scientific and creative collaboration, development of the traditions of outreach activities to different audiences) and the ways of practical implementation of the pedagogical potential of the lyceum as a form of education of the future. Particular attention is given to the cultural interpretation of works of art, cooperation technologies, problem training and actualization of the motivational potential of the educational environment on the basis of global education models able to form a human - the universe.

Key words: education of the future, musical education, extracurricular concert-creative activity, future teacher.

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