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Formation of common cultural competence in country studies classes (based on Turkish language teaching practice)

E. K. Khabibullina
L. G. Khismatullina
A. R. Alikberova
I. G. Zakirova
R. R. Khairutdinov
I. Khanipova
G. Ibragimov


In recent years there has been a growing interest in promoting the acquisition of common cultural competence in foreign language education. Thus, the present paper looks into methodological frameworks of developing common cultural competence in country studies classes through the Turkish language. Special attention is paid to theoretical basis of country studies teaching methods as well as comparative analysis of academic syllabi and training materials. Fundamental educational principles implemented in teaching country studies (Turkey) and compiling course guides are revealed. System-based approach to the research problem suggests the analysis of methodological frameworks offered by Russian and foreign specialists. The results show that in teaching a foreign language, particularly Turkish, classes of country studies enable learners to acquire simultaneously the knowledge of culture, history, ethnology of the Turkish people, which in its turn contributes to strengthening their motivation to communicate, broadens their cultural horizons and encourages teachers to diversify methods of teaching and classroom applications.The paper findings may be useful in academic studies of the research problem or in foreign language teaching practice.

Keywords: linguistics, language education, country studies, teaching methods, oriental languages, Turkish language

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print ISSN: 1112-9867