Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences

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Evaluation of hybrid electric road train (HERT) as an alternative mode of transportation in metro Manila

R. Bacero, I. G. Manalili, A. Manuel, A. Tusi


EDSA has been one of the busiest roads in the Philippines and essential component of the spatial structure of the Metro Manila. The decent growth of the areas around the avenue adds a great volume of traffic which cause traffic congestion and at the same time pollution. HERT is a 40 meter long vehicle, powered by an eco-friendly electric generator batteries with a totality of 240 passenger capacity. The purpose of the research is to define components and features of HERT and determine the willingness to pay of commuter’s through their own preferences. The results show that most of the commuters in Metro Manila, even with a minimum wage are willing to pay and patronize the system in spite of, the fare price being greater or equal amount of MRT-3’s fare price. HERT components and features diminished about half of the pollutant released by regular buses. Thus, HERT has the potential to serve as an alternative mode of mass transportation system not only in Metro Manila but to other major and minor roads in the Philippines.

Keywords: Electric Road Train, Mass Transportation, Willingness to pay, Eco-friendly

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