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The strength research of the adhesive joints of sheet structures

D. D. Koroteev, F. A. Boytemirov, N. A. Stashevskaya


The research results of stress-strained condition of constructional sheet materials are given in
the article. The strength dependence on type, configuration and sizes of adhesive joints is
analyzed. The research of the strength dependence was made on the samples from bakelite
plywood with the main types of adhesive joints. The research results in the specified range of
the bonding lengths of the adhesive joints are determined by the equation, which was derived
by using the settlement of the problem of the tenses in the symmetric adhesive joints of
different materials. The features of stress-strained condition of the specified adhesive joints,
which were made from orthotropic material by stretching the samples, are shown in the article.
The obtained results can be used for design of adhesive joints with two plates, overlapping
and with one plate in the sheet structures.

Keywords: adhesive joint; stress-strained condition, orthotropic material, bakelite plywood

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